The Open Door

Southgate has been given permission to use this prophetic creation by Robert Bartow. We discovered his work while attending a Healing Rooms Conference in Spokane Washington conducted by Cal Pierce. Cal's ministry has redug the wells which were established during the healing ministry of John G. Lake in the early 1900s.

This image spoke to Jan and I as we have prayed for God to open up a "healing gate" in Colorado for many years. We display this picture in the foyer of our home as a reminder of God desire to pour out His presence in our community. The image speaks to The Open Door of heaven, to us it represents the Southgate which God has opened in Fairplay to pour out His presence on our community.

We are thankful that Robert has graciously allowed us to use this image as we believe it represents the open heaven that God intents to bring over Fairplay, South Park and Colorado!

Used by permission of
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Revelation 4:1 ~ "I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven."