About Us

Southgate Christian Fellowship fosters gathering together to celebrate the goodness of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives and to minister to the Lord through our fellowship together, worship, testimony, study of the Word, prayer, having fun, working together, knowing each other so that we can bring out the fullness of all that God intends for each individual, family or group.. We will gather as a people of all ages and denominations in The Gathering Place with a common focus on growing closer in relationship.

SCF was founded on a passion for Jesus and as a result our desire personally and corporatly to seek an intimate relationship with Him. The Bible says to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul and your mind and your neighbor as yourself. We believe from this love relationship with Jesus everything else will be an outflow of His presence in us. It is not about doing for Jesus, rather it is about being with Jesus.  God the Father showed His great love for the whole world by sending His Son Jesus. We desire to share His love with others.

To build a healing and deliverance continuum-many streams, one river- which addresses the needs of the body throughout their walk with Christ. Our vision is to facilitate transformation and sanctification in the lives of believers from their rebirth until they return to the Lord.


To see the Kingdom of God advanced thought the ministry of Jesus Christ and his love in the area of Healing and Deliverance as commissioned by Him. Expecting to witness even greater works than those performed by Jesus while ministering on Earth and to give the glory for such wonderful works to the Father as instructed in John 14:12.



All the glory for healing goes to Jesus so that the Father can be glorified.
Follow the model of healing as presented by Jesus and practiced by his disciples.
We believe the power exists to see all people healed as modeled by Jesus.
Healing and deliverance is normative Christianity and part of the maturation process.
We valued the dignity of the person by ministering in truth and love.
Body ministry which invites and honors the collaborative use of each individual's gifting.
Train, equip and release individuals into the ministry of healing and deliverance.


1. To train the body in the principals of Kingdom ministry pertaining to healing and deliverance as modeled by Jesus and his disciples. The primary focus will be to understand the authority we have in Jesus to do this ministry and equip them with the tools needed to operate in the principals of healing and deliverance to evangelize the heart and set the captives free.

2. To minister healing and deliverance, in his love, to the body of Christ and to those outside our walls for the purpose evangelizing the heart. Jesus came to set the captives free! The first step in the healing process is a relationship with Jesus ? knowing him as your personal savior. The second step is a relationship with Jesus - knowing him as your Lord, your Lover (bridegroom) and your Friend. The ministry of the cross is essential and the foundation of this ministry. The bible says by his stripes we are healed and that his blood cleanses us from all unrighteousness. Healing and deliverance is all about Jesus ? he is the central theme of all things (Col. 1:16-22).

3. To intercede for the coming of the Glory of God and his presence to our body. The next wave of healing and deliverance will come often spontaneously in the midst of worship or other ministry settings as a result of the tangible presents of God in our midst. We will teach on the coming Glory of God that is going to be poured out in great measure over the entire world. We desire to move in the Glory of God so that the kingdom may be expanded in these last days (Zep 1:14 ).