Prayer and Intercession

Soaking takes place at Southgate for the purpose of resting in the Lord's presence. Soaking in the presence of the Lord is life changing and restful. As you soak you will listen to worship music that lets you mediate on the Lord and rest in His presence. As we rest or "abide" in His presence, without striving or working, He encounters us and deepens our love relationship with Him. Often the Lord spontaneously heals you of an emotional or physical aliment. He may share deep kingdom revelation, clarify situations in your life, give you instructions or just love you...

The word baptize, or baptizmo, means to pickle. When we soak before the Lord we become pickled in His presence and we can't help but become what we behold. Soaking is a restful and meaningful ministry that any one can participate in.

Prayer and Intercession is one of the most important elements in our relationship with Jesus. Prayer is how we communicate with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Communication is critical in any relationship and without regular communication a relationship suffers and dies. We believe that prayer is critical from both an individual and corporate prospective. We need to develop an intimate prayer relationship with Jesus and we pray together corporately and intercede to advance the Kingdom of God.

The Bible says we war not against flesh and blood, but Principalities, Powers and Rulers in High Places. Prayer and Intersession are the weapons of the Kingdom of God. By developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, communicating regularly with Him through prayer, we know His desires, agree with Him in prayer and release the hosts of heaven to accomplish the desires of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We will encourage all of our guests at Southgate to develop a deep relationship with Jesus though prayer.

We desire that prayer be central in everything we do. Prayer is how we communicate with God. Prayers can be simple. They bring heaven to earth. Prayer releases the purposes of God into our lives and our communities. Prayer launches the healing power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We pray in order to seek the Lord's leading, leading in how we should worship Him, as well as how to minister to each other. If you need a touch from God, come and join us in prayer together. God will meet you and transform your life. If you have physical aliments or are struggling in ways that keep you from living a contented lifestyle join our prayer nights and get soaked in the presence of Jesus. The Bible says by his stripes which he suffered on the cross we were healed.