A Thief in the Night

You will never look at technology or the world around you the same way again...

A Thief in the Night uniquely unravels the mystery of technology, prophecy, and Christ’s return in a way that will challenge how you look at the world around you forever. No other time in the history of mankind has the world had the technology infrastructure in place to fulfill the prophecies of Revelation, Chapter 13.

Signs of the times, the current state of Israel and the Middle East crisis, and the evolution of technology are playing together like a symphony pointing toward the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The book asks the question: “Am I ready for the return of Jesus Christ, or will He come to my life like a thief in the night?”

Since 1979, Lee Kedrie has been designing leading-edge technology solutions for businesses in the United States and Internationally. Leveraging 17 years of business ownership, he is a requested and entertaining public speaker. After his last corporate merger in 1999, he joined a Fortune 10 technology company and is a Master Technologist serving as a Solutions Architect and Corporate Evangelist. As a converted Moslem called to itinerate evangelism, he and his wife Jan serve as pastors in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry in Denver Colorado.

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Jan Kedrie is a trained Elijah House facilitator. To find out more about Elijah House and the method, click here.